Strength Events
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A list of some the the various events in Strength Athletics (Strongman, Highland games, Field athletics).

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-Harness and Rope Truck Pull
-Arm over Arm Truck Pull
-Silverdollar Deadlift
-Sheild Walk/Hussefelt Stone
-Keg Loading
-Deadlift Hold
-Hercules Hold
-Tire Flip/Car Flip
-Power Stairs
-Car Walk
-Samson's Barrow
-Conan's Circle
Highland Games:
-16# Hammer Toss
-56# Weight for Distance
-28# Weight for Distance
-56# Weight for Height
-Caber Toss
-Breamar Stone
-Stone Put
-Sheaf Toss
Throwing Events:
-Mill Stone Toss
-Keg Toss
Various Strength Feats:
-Bavarian Stone Lift
-Manhood Stones (Inver stone, Dinnie stones, etc...)
-Bar Bending/Nail Bending
-Appolon's Axle

New events are always being added to the list. So check back often.