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Farmer's Walk

    The farmer's walk is probably one of the most commonly used events in strongman today. It made its debute in strongman in the World's Strongest Man 1983 in New Zealand and was called the Fergus walk. The event involves picking up 2 weighted objects, 1 in each hand and carrying them.

   Over the years the implements used have changed. The first implements were 4 large logs. They were stacked on top of each other, 2 per side, with handles carved into them. Later there was 2 milk cans used, these had small handles that really cut into the hands, there was also steps on the course. The more commonly used implement today are 2 long steel cylinders or oxygen tanks (the most popular kind) with handles welded to them. Another popular type are a plate loadable style. At the recent World's Strongest Man, anvils were used, again with a handle welded to the top

   The cylinder and plate loading types are usually in the 3 to 5 foot range. Weights average about 250-275LBS, but have gone as high as 175kg/hand (385lbs).

   There are 2 different ways this event is performed. One is for maximum distance, the other is for time over a set course, usually 100 - 200 feet. There are generally turns in the course to make it a bit harder. The longer the implements the harder it makes the turn as the implements want to keep turning after you have started going straight again.

   A good strong grip is very important in the farmer's walk event, without it you won't get very far in this event. Having quick feet also helps in this event as the faster you go, the farther you get in a shorter time. In a timed event it means a faster time, in a distance event it means going farther in distance.

The Farmer's Walk

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