Manhood Stones
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The lifting of "Manhood" stones was a common way for people to test there strength against other through most of recorded history.

There are many of these manhood stones which people still try and test there strength agaisnt all around the world.
Some of the more popular stones are the Inver stone, the Hussefelt stone, the Dinnie stones, and the blue stones of old Dially
Blue stones of old Dailly
The larger of the two stones weighs between 290 and 320 pounds and the smaller between 260 and 280 pounds in weight. Their smoothness and shape make them difficult for a person to grip and over the years they have become an attraction for those wishing to display their strength. In international stone lifting circles they came within the definition of 'lifting' or 'testing' stones and they refer to the larger of the two at Old Dailly as "The Big Blue".
Dinnie Stones
The Dinnie stones are 2 stones with a total weigh of over 760lbs. The bigger stone weighs over 400lbs. The stones have rings attached to them as they were once used for tieing up horses. The way to lift those stones is to do both at the same time by the rings handles. The handles are not very big which adds to the difficulty. Only a very few have ever lifted both at the same time. Even fewer have walked with the dinnie stones. The man the stones are named after, Donad Dinnie, pick up the stones and walked with them for 7 or 8 yards in the 1800's.

Inver stone
The Inver Stone was, and for that matter still is, a smooth, gray granite boulder shaped through the centuries by the Dee River into an almost geometrically perfect sphere weighing 268 pounds. The Inver stone is probably the most popular manhood stone in the world. People travel great distances to lift it. 3 people have managed to lift the Inver stone overhead, Bill Kazmeier, Francis Brebner, and Hamish Davidson

Francis Brebner
Overhead pressing the Inver stone

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