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Olympic Lifting - The sport of olymoic style lifting consists of 2 lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk. The winner of a lifting meet is decided by the total of  the athletes highest lift in each disipline.

Ronny Weller
4 time olympic medalist

Ronny Weller - Ronny has been at the top of the weightlifting world for many years. He has competed in 4 olympic games, '88, '92, '96, '00, winning 4 medals, 1 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze. He packs 150kg(330lbs) of muscle on a short frame, 5'7 or 5'8.

Saeed Salem Jaber
The Clean

Saeed Salem Jaber (Qatar) formerly Yani Marchokov of Bulgaria. Saeed Jaber was 1 of  8 weightlifters that the country of Qatar bought from Bulgaria for $1,000,000. Saeed Jaber is currently one of the top super heavyweight olympic lifter.

Andrei Chemerkin
The Big Man

Andrei Chemerkin burst onto the scene in the mid 90'sand won 3 world title, beating some of the best lifter ever. In the 1996 olympics he won the gold medal and set a world record in the clean & jerk. In the 2000 olympics he made a attempt to clean & jerk 600lbs. One of my favorite quotes comes from Andrei "The heavier the body, the easier it is to lift the heavy weights"

Naim Suleymanoglu - Possibly the greatest lifter ever to set foot on a lifting platform. Naim was born in Bulgaria but later defected to Turkey. He stands only 4'11", he comes from a area of the world that produces a fantastic amount of exelent lifter. Naim has set numerous records over his carreer in several weight classes. He has also cleaned and jerked more then 3 times his own bodyweight.

The current super heavy weight world record in the clean & jerk in 263kg(578.6lbs) resently set by Hossein Rezezadeh. How ever the heaviest clean & jerk is 266kg(585.2lbs) set by Leonid Taranenko. The reason that lift is no longer recognized is the weight class have been reset and all records where wiped out.

Naim Suleymanoglu

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Hossein Rezazadeh
Celebrating a Lift

Zlaten Vanev
The Clean & Jerk

Zlaten Vanev of Bulgaria- Zlaten is one of the top lifters in the middle weights, at the 77 and 84kg class. He is a multi time world champ, 6 times i believe. he is tremendously good in the clean & jerk.