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Simple enough, the people that are WINNERS.

Geoff Capes
2 Time WSM


Jon Pall Sigmarsson. The greatest of all time. 4 times WSM from Iceland.Massively powerful and fast. Also had many good quotes over his strongman career like, "I am the strongest, i am the viking", "I'm not a eskimo, i'm a viking", and "I'm looking to broke someone or be broken".

Magnus Ver Magnusson
4 Time WSM

Magnus Ver Magnusson, the 4 time WSM champion from Iceland. Magnus won the title in '91, '94, '95, and '96. He is probably the greatest strongman of all time. He had the ability to find the easiest way to do a event, then he would go out and win it. He could win any kind of event, be it a squat, a overhead press, or a loading event, he could win them all. Everything about Magnus' build says functional strength, he doesn't have 30 extra pounds of fat, or oversized biceps.