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The Olympic Lifts
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Olympic style lifting consists of 2 lifts. The first lift is the snatch. The second is the clean & jerk.

The Clean & Jerk

The Clean & Jerk is 2 lifts in 1. The first part is the clean, were the lifter takes the weight from the platform to his shoulders. The second part is the jerk, were the lifter jerks the weight overhead to full lockout.

The clean can be broken down into 3 parts. The first pull, the second pull, and the front squat.

The First Pull
Florian Vlad

The Front Squat
Hossein Rezazadeh

The Jerk
Nizami Pashaev

The Snatch

The snatch is a single motion. With a wide grip the lifter pulls the weight up overhead while squating down, then comes out of the hole and stands up.

The Start


Overhead Squat

Losing it

Sometimes a athlete can't hold the lift. In some cases it goes back, this is were good shoulder flexibility comes in handy.

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