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Juha-Matti Räsänen
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Juha-Matti Räsänen, is one of Finland's top strongman. He is also a very good deadlifter.


Height: 198cm
Weight: 135kg

Juha-Matti Räsänen

Juha has been the top Finnish strongman for the last couple years. His build is very well suitted to todays strongman contests. This build also makes Juha a very good deadlifter. On top of being a top international strongman he is also the 2 time Finnish strongman champion.

9th World's Strongestman 2001
6th Worlds Strongest man 2002
1st American Hercules 2000
1st Finland's Strongestman 2001, 2002, 2003
1st Caribean Strongman 2001
1st Worlds Strongest Team 2002 (With Janne Virtanen)
3rd Finnish Open 2000
5th Atlantic Giants 2002
3rd Vantaa Challenge 2002

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