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Atlas Stones
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The Atlas or McGlashan Stones are a very popular strongman event with a long history in Scotland and in strongman.

The atlas stones are a ancient event for Scotland. The stones are perfectly round and are lifted onto platforms. Quickest time wins.

Atlas Stones

Generaly there are 5 stones to be lifted. They are to be lifted in assending weights.
Today stone usually range in weight from 285lbs to 350lbs, but sometimes go over 400lbs. The world record for the heaviest stone lifted is held by Laszlo Fekete. He lifted a stone that was just over 500lbs.
The platforms they are placed on range in height from 48" to over 60" in some cases. The platform heights have been a big issue for a while as they are just to high.
Often a substance called tacky, which is a very thick sticky gel, is used by the athlete to help him grip the stones and lift them.
There was a time when strongmen struggled to lift stones that weighed 140kg. In fact only the top guys such as Bill Kazmeier and Jon Pall Sigmarsson and a couple others could lift a 140kg. Now that it is such a popular event even lightweights toy with stones of that size. Just proves that training with the equipment pays off.

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