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Competition Schedule

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Competition List 2004


22-01-2004 Expo China IFSA


07-02-2004 U.S.A Qualifier Boston IFSA-USA
28.02.2004 World Strongman Cup, Spain SMC


05-03-2004 Arnold Classic IFSA Super Series

13-03-2004 Scotland's Strongest Man IFSA

13-03-2004 Ireland's Strongest Man IFSA

20-03-2004 Romania's Strongest Man

27-03-2004 England's Strongest Man IFSA

03.04..2004 World Strongman Cup, Austrai, SMC

10-04-2004 Champions Trophy, Poland IFSA

17-04-2004 Team Nationals Finland

24-04-2004 Central Europe's Strongest Man, Hungary IFSA

24-04-2004 Turkey's Strongest Man


May Ontario's Strongestman, Canada CFSA
03-05-2004 Britain's Strongest Man IFSA

08-05-2004 Slovakia's Strongest Man

22-05-2004 Champions Trophy Turkey IFSA
22.05.2004 World Strongman Cup, Germany SMC
22-05-2004 Baltic Strongest Man

29-05-2004 Champions Trophy, Poland IFSA

29-05-2004 International Strongman, Slovenia

30-05-2004 Hungary's Strongest Man

31-05-2004 International Tournament USA

31-05-2004 UK Strongest Woman

04.2004 World Strongman Cup, Poland SMC

04-06-2004 Finland's Strongest Man

06-06-2004 World Muscle Power Championship, Canada

07-06-2004 Super Series, Russia IFSA

10-06-2004 Austria's Strongest Man CWA
12-06-2004 Atlantic Canada's Strongestman CFSA
13-06-2004 Champions Trophy, Holland IFSA
19-06-2004 Western Canada's Strongestman CFSA
19-06-2004 Champions Trophy, Romania IFSA
23-06-2004 Quebec's Strongestman, Canada CFSA
26-06-2004 World Team Championship, Poland IFSA

27-06-2004 International Spain IFSA


02-07-2004 Croatia's Strongest Man

02-07-2004 Canada Strongest Man CFSA

09-07-2004 Sweden's Strongest Man

09-07-200 Iceland's Strongest Man
10.07.2004 World Strongman Cup, Austria SMC
10-07-2004 Intercontinental Teams, Hungary

10-07-2004 Spain Strongest Man

13-07-2004 Europe's Strongest Woman, Ireland IFSA

16-07-2004 World Cup Teams, Latvia

24-07-2004 Norway's Strongest Man

24-07-2004 Denmark Strongest Man

24-07-2004 Holland's Strongest man

24-07-2004 Champions Trophy, Poland IFSA

31-07-2004 Super Series, Canada IFSA

31-07-2004 Team Ukraine V. UK

31-07-2004 France's Strongest Man


01-08-2004 International Gold, Hungary
04.2004 World Strongman Cup, Ukraine SMC
07-08-2004 Champions Trophy

07-08-2004 USA Strongest Man IFSA-USA

07-08-2004 Germany's Strongestman GFSA

14-08-2004 Qualifier World Lightweight Championship

21-08-2004 Super Series, Sweden IFSA

21-08-2004 International Classic, Croatia

28-08-2004 Team Great Britian V. Team Europe

04-09-2004 Gatineau International Grand Prix, Canada CFSA
04.2004 European Masters, Slovakia SMC
10-09-2004 International Tournament, Ukrainia

24-09-2004 Worlds Strongest Man, TBA

Sept Champions Trophy, Greece IFSA


OCT - Champions Trophy, China IFSA

09-10-2004 International Gold, Poland IFSA

10-2004 All Strength Nations Challenge

10-2004 World Lightweight Championship 105kg, China IFSA

04.2004 World Strongman Cup, Austria SMC
06-11-2004 International Tournament USA

11-2004 Champions Trophy Malasiya


12-2004 Hawaii Super Series IFSA

11-12-2004 Poland V. World  Poland

17-12-2004 Austrian Winter Giants CWA
SMC-World Strongman Cup
IFSA-International Federation of Strength Athletes
CFSA-Canadian Federation of Stength Athletes
GFSA-German Federation of Strength Athletes
CWA-Catch Wrestling Association
IFSA-USA-USA Federation of Strength Athletes

Competitions are being added all the time.